How Acidic Foods Can Impact Our Dental Hygiene

July 21, 2021

Many of us just love to eat fruits because of their juiciness and sweetness. But did you know that fruits are also a great source of Vitamin C?  And did you know that fruits and fruit drinks may be extremely acidic. And when you include highly acidic foods and drinks in your daily routine, it can damage your teeth, if you do not take appropriate care. 

When you take acidic fruits and other foods, it leads to Dental erosion and tooth sensitivity, then gradually to enamel erosion and ultimately to Tooth erosion. 

Let’s find out about Dental Erosion

Do you know that your tooth enamel is actually very hard? But the high acid concentration in foods and juices still damages weakens or demineralizes the enamel over time. The calcium level in saliva helps to strengthen the teeth’ enamel. But whenever your mouth is highly acidic, demineralization may not take place. And just because of this reason, a condition springs up known as Tooth Erosion and decay. 

Check out the common signs of erosion:

  • Sensitivity – Hot and cold food products, extremely-flavored sweets, and cold air too can cause high sensitivity whenever they come in contact with your teeth.
  • Discoloration – When the enamel of the tooth becomes thinner, your teeth may convert to slightly yellower. This is because it reveals the dentin present underneath.
  • Rounded teeth – These are actually little curves present along the chewing surface and may seem to have softer or sanded edges.
  • Transparency – The edges of your incisors may decrease in opacity (as though you can almost see through them).
  • Cracks – Very little faults or sharpness around the edges of the teeth are also common.

What are some of the most Acidic Foods?

When you eat too much quantity of acidic food, it can spoil the tooth enamel and even weaken your gum line. This further exposes the internal layer. Hence, it’s vital to have them in the appropriate proportion.

Given below is a list of a few highly acidic foods and drinks that should not be taken daily:

  • Citrus fruits for example limes, lemons, and oranges
  • Grapes, pomegranates, apples, pineapples
  • Sodas and fruit juices
  • Tomatoes and tomato juice
  • Vinegar, jams, and jellies

In the given below list there are some foods and drinks that would not lead to erosion:

  • Soya beans and Beans
  • Peas, peppers, corn, and spinach
  • Fish, including shrimp, salmon
  • Crabmeat
  • Bread, cheese, green tea
  • Rice, potatoes
  • Ripe mangoes, watermelons, and bananas

Solutions to Erosion

If you notice enamel erosion, the Dentists can treat you easily. It can be a Tooth Bonding. If it’s severe, your dentist may provide a Veneer or Crown to your damaged teeth to prevent more decay.


  • Follow a proper oral regime
  • Always maintain a balanced diet
  • See your dentist regularly

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